Baby Bites Barcelona Sleeping Bag/Stroller Bag Slate- ถุงนอนสุดน่ารัก Baby Bites ใช้กับรถเข็นได้

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Baby Bites Barcelona Sleeping Bag/Stroller Bag - ถุงนอนสุดน่ารัก Baby Bites ใช้กับรถเข็นได้

Shark-shaped sleeping bags for babies between 1 and 18 months. The sleeping bags can be used in a crib, cradle or in a pushchair. The back has eyelets which can be opened, depending on the model of pushchair you have. These eyelets come closed so that they can be unstitched as you require and depending on how the sleeping bag will be used. We show you how to do this here, it is very simple. 

The side zip makes it simple and easy to slip your baby in and out of the sleeping bag. And once your little one outgrows the sleeping bag, don’t worry! You can use it to store toys or dirty clothes, to scare granny, for the cat to sleep in, and so on. It has a thousand uses! 

There are two versions of the sleeping bag:

- Winter with thick, snug inner padding, for cold temperatures (below 16°C), perfect for going outside in winter.

- Summer with thinner inner padding, for warmer temperatures (16°C - 21°C), perfect for sleeping at home.


98 cm x 73 cm - perfect for babies up to 18 months.


- Outer fabric: 100% cotton
- Inner lining: 100% cotton 
- Filling: 100% polyester (Summer wadding 160 g / Winter 360 g)

 Made in Spain 



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