Grow philosophy is to provide high quality non-toxic products from natural source in organic ways using eco-friendly methods.  We deeply believe in sustainable ways to preserve our precious earth for our babies’ generations and so on.

"Harmony Parenting" is our developed concept – a branded product

range that will support all family to raise babies in harmonious ways. 5 petals colored blooming flower represents a balance combination of 5 important elements to inspire 5 collections of our products that aims to grow a beautiful child as the art of nature, healthy, strong, full of wisdom and filled with happiness.



Sleep Well is the key for baby to stay healthy and happy! This collection provides a range of products supporting all family to get a really good sleep for their babies. Sleep Well, Grow wel
450pillow grande 450pillow case grande
Pillowsophy : natural latex baby pillow with bamboo case Pillowsophy bamboo case
450 sleeping bag grande 450 blanket grande Grow Organic Bamboo baby Blanket
bamboo sleeping bag Bamboo blanket Bamboo blanket pack of 2

Play Well plays the main role in brain and muscles exercising and development age by age! This collection provides a range of products embracing a fun
and creative learning atmosphere, creating experience of family's quality time. Play Well, Grow well.

Eat Well is the most essential element for raising healthy babies. This collection provides a range of great feeding products and delicious
and nutritious foods for all families to complete their nutritious plan for baby. Eat Well, Grow well.

Care Well is the greatest thing parent can give to babies! This collection provides a range of products helping all family to always take care
and prevent unexpected harms to babies. Care Well, Grow well.

450 smoothies grande  
Smoothie : Battery operated nasal aspirator
450 rubrub grande 450grow veggie grande 450bathtub cleaner grande 450 grow floor cleaner 7ed90a57 3b71 440e b032 94b8f5161b3a grande
Q-germie : Hand spray Veggie wash Baby tub cleaner Floor cleaner
450playmat grande 450toyclener grande 450 laudry grande 450softener grande
Playmat cleaner Toy & Acc. cleaner laundry detergent fabric softener
450 airfreshener grande 450intimate grande 450swimdetergent grande 450 bottle liquid grande
air freshener intimate detergent swimwear detergent bottle liquid


Live Well is all around as babies stay in a healthy and enjoyable atmosphere! This collection provides a range of products giving all families a healthy
and enjoyable atmosphere to raise their baby effortlessly. Live Well, Grow well.

450 grow grande 450 hat grande 450 bib grande  450 face towel grande
Natural hair brush bamboo baby hat pack of 2 bamboo reversible bib pack of 2 bamboo face towel pack of 3
450 hooded bear grande 450 hooded giraffe grande 450 hooded fawn grande 450 brestpad grande
bamboo hooded towel bearboo bamboo hooded towel giraffe bamboo hooded towel fawn bamboo breast pads pack of 4
450 towel grande 450 blanket 2pc grande Natural sea spongegrow 0d84da45 e7e6 4e82 88d3 f35f414331a0 grande
bamboo towel bamboo towel pack of 2 grow organic silk sea sponge XL grow organic silk sea sponge XXL