Happy, Cookie, Jerry, Pic, Mushee, Mr. Wu, Lady and Chocolat au lait. A cheerful team that meets daily amidst the colourful plants of the forest or in an exciting city, to live new, adventures together…

Who knows better than us what a child likes? It is our creativity and our great experience in the world of small children that gives rise every day to so many beautiful ideas to entertain our child friends: fun, modern and unique products that enliven household environments and time away from home, accompanying and amusing children and their parents at all times of the day.

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 Age 0 m+

My bedtime friend My doudou friend My nap friend My happy feet
Easy Squeak Happy melody Easy shake Easy rattle
Easy move Easy doudou Easy friend Easy ring


 Age 3 m+ 

On the go friend Happy light My strong teeth Easy teether
Easy long friend My bath time friend My best friend multi-activity toy My best friend multi-activity toy 2 in 1
Safe & fun playmat City / Forest gym Soft big friend My travel stroller toy


 Age 4 m+ 

Eat well

 Age 6 m+ 

Wooden maracas Easy sound Easy click Easy soft book



 Age 9 m+ 

Easy go


 Age 12 m+ 

My live in the forest / city Easy block Come with me friend Easy family
Easy pull Easy puzzle Easy shape Imagine puzzle
Happy puzzle The happy house Rolling friend Fun forest/city train
Bath time story Build a tree/house



 Age 3 yr+ 

Easy jet Take away lunchbox All I need
Happy trolley Happy school bag Happy backpack