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The Orbit Baby design fixed some of the big problems of child transportation: the complex and stressful transitions between home, car, and destination were solved with ergonomically carried seats and the 360-degree rotating SmartHub; the single-use nature of most baby gear was solved with a modular solution that grew with your family and featured powerfully over-engineered frames and shells. Perhaps most importantly, the alarming statistic that 80% of all car seats are installed incorrectly was addressed with a potent combination of the StrongArm™ tightening system, positive visual and tactile indicators of secure docking, and some of the most comprehensive instructions and guides in the business.

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An Industry-Leading Program: Orbit Baby is committed to moving our industry towards safe-for-us, safe-for-our-planet practices. Car seats and strollers are responsible for our children's safety and must perform to the most stringent regulatory standards. We work hard to meet these regulations, and at the same time our engineers challenge themselves every day to think and design in ways that no other baby gear company does, towards greener products and greener practices. 
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Buckle Up, Buttercup

Maximum side-impact protection makes our car seat a safe haven for your baby.

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