Belly Bandit Bosom Bandit แผ่นรัดบรรเทาอาการเต้านมคัด

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แผ่นประคบ แผ่นรัดประคบ cold gel breast feed

Belly Bandit-Bosom Bandit

The Bosom Bandit™ is made from latex free elastic and covered with an ultra soft, moisture wicking fabric for sensitive breasts. To help reduce pain and swelling, we have included a reusable pair of 4" flexible, cooling gel packs lined with fabric. When used together, the Bosom Bandit™ and gel packs may help prevent and/or treat engorgement of breasts.


  • aids in decreasing and stopping milk supply
  • lightweight, elastic band with ultra-soft, moisture-wicking fabric
  • made with a Velcro closure for simple and convenient application


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