Clevamama Bamboo Baby Muslin Cloths ผ้าอ้อมมัสลินใย ไผ่เเพค 3 ผืน

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Clevamama Bamboo Baby Muslin Cloths  ผ้าอ้อมมัสลินใยไผ่เเพค 3 ผืน 


ClevaMama® Bamboo Muslin Cloths are a must-have multi-use item for all parents. The Baby Muslin Cloth can be used for just about anything, from a makeshift bib for feeding, for protecting your clothing when winding, to an instant comforter for your precious little one.

These versatile, breathable, quality Bamboo Muslin Squares are made with a silky soft bamboo fibre and cotton trim, so they’re super soft, naturally anti-bacterial, pH balanced and quick drying.

These Bamboo Muslin Cloths come in a pack of three and are available in a range of three soft colours of Blue, Coral and Grey Mint. They are fully machine washable, guaranteed to always make the challenges of parenting just that little bit easier. 


  • Naturally anti-bacterial  and pH balanced - It has great wicking properties to absorb moisture while keeping your baby drier.
  • Extra Soft - Made with silky soft breathable bamboo fibre. These Muslin Squares have a delicate feel for your baby's sensitive skin.
  • Must Have - These multi-use, baby muslin cloths are essential for when you are breast feeding to wipe spilt milk away or clean off spit-up; handy for when you need a fast changing mat or quick cover-up. Muslin cloths are made also to wrap or swaddle your little one. 
  • Quick drying and fully washable - because you will always need ClevaMama Bamboo Muslin Cloths close at hand
  • Large Size and Composition - 70x70 cm and 70% Bamboo and 30% Cotton.

ClevaMama® Bamboo Muslin Cloths are available in three soft colours of Coral, Blue and Grey Mint. They come in a pack of 3 muslin squares. Suitable for babies from 0 months+.


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