Marcus & Marcus PPSU Transition Feeding Bottle (300ml) ขวดนม ขนาด 300 ML

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Marcus & Marcus PPSU Transition Feeding Bottle (300ml)   ขวดนม  ขนาด 300 ML

The feeding nipple is made from platinum silicone that is extra soft for smooth tongue movement. The textured surface allows babies to latch on easily and design with double anti-colic system to reduce gas intake. The feeding bottle has 3 volumetric markings for parents to read the remaining milk without unlatching.

• BPA/Phthalate free
• UV/ Steam sterilizer safe
• Medium flow feeding nipple
• Volumetric markings to indicate the remaining milk without unlatching
• Double anti-colic system to reduce gas intake
• Extra soft silicone nipple for smooth tongue movement
• Textured surface to allow easy latch on
• Double-sided sealing disc for formula milk
• Double-sided sealing disc for rewriting the preparation date for breast milk storage
• PPSU with durable material, high heat resistance
• Wide Neck for easy cleaning
• Simple parts for easy assemble & wash
• Lightweight
• Erasable sealing disc



• Top-rack dishwasher safe
• UV sterilizer safe
• Steam sterilizer safe
• Stains can be removed by washing with hot-soapy water
• Do not microwave
• EN14350 compliance

AGE:  3M+


PRODUCT SIZE:   65 x 65 x 182 mm, capacity: 300 ml/ 10 fl oz.



Feeding Bottle
• -20°C to 180°C
• -4°F to 356°F

Silicone Feeding Nipple/Sealing Disc
• -20°C to 220°C
• -4°F to 430°F

• -20°C to 110°C
• -4°F to 230°F