Dr.betta Milk Case Castle กระปุกแบ่งนม

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Dr.betta Milk Case Castle กระปุกแบ่งนม


This milk case has compartments that allow you to set three separate portions of powdered milk. As a Bétta exclusive accessory, this product was designed in response to requests for a milk case with a revamped color and portable design. We aimed for a theme of a fairy tale castle when designing the case.
Fitting neatly in both mom’s hand and purse, the slim, compact size is another attraction of the design.
The long-lasting design can also be used to hold small articles once your baby is finished nursing.
The pale pink and lime green color models released prior are color tones perfectly suited for a baby product.
Since then, we’ve released two additional chic color variations with mom and dad in mind.
The camellia design is inspired by the flower, and the subdued pink color stands out among various baby products.

Material : PP (polypropylene plastic)
Heat: 115 ℃



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