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GAIA ชุดsetดูเเลผิวลูกน้อยขนาดเดินทาง GAIA Baby Mini Travel Set

595.00 ฿

GAIA ชุดsetดูเเลผิวลูกน้อยขนาดเดินทาง GAIA Baby Mini Travel Set

GAIA Baby Mini Travel Set
A miniature, handy and convenient pack consisting of our basic essentials!

ชุดsetเเชมพู สบู่ เเละโลชั่นดูเเลผิวลูกน้อยขนาดพกพา เหมาะสำหรับเดินทาง หรือไปเที่ยวพักผ่อน บรรจุในถุงซิปกันน้ำ

The small sizes make the most convenient travel companion - now you can take your favourite GAIA Natural Baby products where ever you go in the re-usable zip lock "wet pack".

This miniature set of 50ml GAIA Natural Baby products includes:
  •     Baby Bath & Body Wash
  •     Baby Shampoo
  •     Baby Moisturiser
Great Traveling Companion
Whether you are going shopping, staying out overnight or away on holidays, these little bottles have ample product to keep you going and are ideal stored in your nappy bag. Now there is no need to carry big bottles around with you, particularly when you go away.
These mini refillable sizes are perfect for the nappy bag, taking to the hospital ready for baby's arrival and for your holidays.

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