Green Sprouts Learning Spoon Set ชุด ช้อน สำหรับเด็ก 9 เดือนขึ้นไป

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Green Sprouts Learning Spoon Set  ชุด ช้อน สำหรับเด็ก

Eating is fun and your baby will feel like a big kid with the Learning Spoon Set. The loop handle and contoured, shovel tip help baby keep food steady on the spoon. Parents can ensure baby is still eating healthy portions with the feeding spoon. Both are non-petroleum and have silicone tips that are soft on baby’s teeth and gums.

  • Includes self-feeding spoon for baby to learn & feeding spoon for adult to ensure wholesome portions
  • Contoured, shovel spoon tip for easy scooping & to keep food in place
  • Loop handle for easy gripping
  • Silicone spoon tips are soft on gums
  • Materials: Silicone tip; Stainless steel handle
  • Size: 9 mo+

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