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GROW's The Project Nursery

Grow's the project nursery for babies is the collaborative project with BAMBIGARDEN baby boutique which focuses on the baby bedding and decorative line for parents who extremely fanatical about decorating baby's room but can't find anything to

be satiate within the baby market.

Grow provides all niches customer with a range of design line of bedding, even customers can custom their own like adding their baby's name, create a specific size, shape or even a special outline design like Stokke brand's bumper from our willful client also can be created along with our design.


All nursery project's items are made by love and consideration for both babies and parents, print on 100% strong bonds yet soft egyptian cotton, not only give your baby a soft & gentle touch, also give parent a worthwhile and durable nursery range.
   Due to our unique story based designs that give your baby an interesting time imagine and learning things from laying, observing and playing around while waiting for parent to pick her/him up, even make some of them talk to our nursery collection (base on true experience from our customers' reviews). It really is a funny and happy time, to enjoy watching your baby do something you never think of.