Infantino SPIN & SLIDE DJ PANDA™ Infantino ของเล่น DJ PANDA

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Infantino SPIN & SLIDE DJ PANDA™ Infantino ของเล่น  DJ PANDA

Funky beats, busy switches, and silly songs are perfect for any mini-maestro. Push, slide, and spin the turntable knobs to activate the crossfader and pitch effects, changing the music and activating super sound effects. Light up turntables have rotating rims for record-scratching sound effects. The beads on the headphones are fun to slide and spin. Features two volume settings.



สำหรับเด็ก 6 - 36 เดือน 

DJเเพนด้าน้อยพร้อมกลองมี Sound effect  ปรับระดับเสียงได้ 

  • Age grade: 6 - 36M
  • 2 light-up turntable drums with rotating rims for record scratching sound effect
  • Crossfader and pitch change sliders
  • Busy beads on the headphones
  • Two volume settings




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