Infantino รุ่น Together Pull-on knit -เป้อุ้ม Infantino รุ่น Together Pull-on knit

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Infantino รุ่น Together Pull-on knit  -เป้อุ้ม Infantino รุ่น Together Pull-on knit

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รับน้ำหนัก 3.6-12 kg




The Together Pull-On Knit Carrier™ features the comfort of a wrap, with an easy-on, pre-formed design. Goes over your head like a shirt - no complex wrapping required. The soft, stretchy fabric is gentle on little ones while providing complete, ergonomic support. Adjustable back support evenly distributes the weight and makes this carrier the perfect option for most body types. Ideal for promoting bonding and enjoying hands-free snuggling.

  • Carry children from 8-25 lbs / 3.6-11.3 kgs
  • Stretchy knit hugs baby close
  • Natural, ergonomic seat in all positions
  • Easy-on design goes on like a t-shirt
  • Adjustable fit accommodates many body types
  • Back support evenly distributes weight



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