Usborne books Look and find jungle 5Y+ หนังสือ Look and find jungle เหมาะสำหรับ 5 ปีขึ้นไป

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อายุ 5+


จำนวน: 32 หน้า

ขนาด: 290 x 240mm


Look and find jungle

This brilliantly colourful look and find book is teeming with jungle scenes to pore over and talk about. Count crocodiles hiding in the water, spot a sloth wearing slippers, match toucans with identical beaks and much more. Each page is packed with talk-about opportunities, and all the answers are at the back of the book if you get stuck.

Age 5+

ISBN: 9781474937443
Extent: 32 pages
Dimensions: 290 x 240mm

Series: Look and Find books illustrated by Gareth Lucas

  • Language: English



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